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Tax Day Fun

Ahhhhh . . . Tax Day in our household.  No, no, not April 15th, but the day we go to the tax accountant.  It’s not a bad day here in Food Good Land.  The best part is we get a night out.  When I say we, I mean just wifey and myself.  No kids.  Let me say that again, no kids.  The words just roll off the tongue.  So, against all fiscal responsibility, we went out to eat.  We chose a place we have heard very good things about: The Brick Street Grill in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  It was a pretty good choice.

We arrived about 7:00 on a Saturday evening and had a 45 minute wait.  We thought about leaving, but saw an opening in the bar and sat down.  I had a Bells Beer while wifey had a chocolate martini and an amaretto stone sour.  About right on the dot (45 minutes) we were seated in the pub area.  Yes, there were sports on TV’s and it was a little loud, but the atmosphere was very pleasant for an evening out.  Our meal started out with a nice selection of breads and a delicious honey walnut butter.  We ordered their Brick Street Lettuce Wraps and were pleasantly surprised.  The spicy sesame ginger sauce was very good.  Spicy, but not burning hot.  The salad was ok, nothing to write home about.  Nothing really different with it.

Now the meal was very good.  I ordered the Tender Bricks: saffron lobster ravioli in a red cream vodka sauce served with beef tenderloin medallions covered in a demi glaze (sic) topped with onion hay (fried onion strings).  Very good.  None of the flavors were over powering and the meal just covered the pallet.  I love the initial taste of the saffron ravioli, followed by the fresh tomato mixed with the red vodka cream sauce and finishing with the mild sweetness of the lobster.  Now throw in the beef tenderloin and you’ve got a winner.  I ordered a Shoofly shiraz to go with the meal.  Actually, the wine was the worst part of the meal.  Not very full.  The middle and the end of the drink were pretty mild and fruity.  Not a good combo for me.

In all, the experience of taking my wife out to a nice restaurant was great.  The music was great and the service pretty good.  I would (and have) recommend this place to others.


Here’s the menu.  Look and see what interesting types of things they have there.