Just another food snob site


Well, I’ve finally been shamed into starting a blog.  I thought long and hard (ok, maybe not hard) about my new blog.  I thought since I enjoy cooking and, more importantly, eating good food, it might be a way to share some of my experimentation with you all.   I wanted to name it some sort of grunting and pointing (like the old “Home Improvement” show with Tim Allen), but I couldn’t find a way to show that in the title.  So . . .  caveman speak was a good second option.  I cook all sorts of food and pair it with all sorts of drinks.  I may even attempt to talk about some of the wine and beer I try (remember, I said attempt).  If you get a little daring, you may even try to make some of what you read here.  Just remember that I am an amateur!  So, in the words of Dave Matthews  “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – For Tomorrow We Die.”


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