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Hopslam.  The name is gold for many a beer snob.  I’ve seen people on facebook and talked to people who look forward to the day it’s released.  Actually, it’s a mad rush to the store to purchase it.  Well, I had never had one before the Wifey and I had our annual tax day date.  We ventured to the Fenton Hotel and had a very nice meal.  During that wonderful evening, I tried a Bell’s Hopslam.  Wow, was it good.  I’ve had some pretty exclusive Michigan beers before.  In my opinion, Hopslam bests them all.

It has a very hoppy taste (duh, the name tells you that), but it’s not overly bitter like other pale ales (it’s a double India pale ale, for you beer snobs out there).  It has a strong hop taste at the start.  The middle has a slight tart, citrus taste while the finish has nice, mild hoppy bitterness to it.  Now, I am a fan of the Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s as well, but this is much smoother.  If drank from a glass (like all quality beers should be), the aroma has a strong but pleasant bouquet of hops, citrus, and even a slight floral tone.  One note: this is a very strong beer.  It contains 10.0% alcohol, so you have to be very careful as it doesn’t taste like it’s that strong.

This beer is not cheap.  I found it at my local market for $17.99 a six pack.   I bought one and it was well worth it.  If your local purveyor of quality malted beverages has any left, buy a six pack and enjoy.  I did.