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What do you want to drink? What do ya have?

Chocolate coffee, orange, and Irish cream, Sound good?  Well it is . . .and it almost never was. One night we decided we were going to have a cocktail and I went to make the usual at the time, White Russians.  When I went to the Cupboard ‘O Booze, I discovered that we were out of vodka.  Now, that stuff is pretty expensive and I really didn’t want to go out anyway.  So I looked deep into the cupboard (it’s really quite small) to find a substitute mix.  What came out was Kahlua, Triple Sec, and Irish Cream.  Now, I’m not bartender, let alone a mixologist, but this was actually pretty good.  Here goes:

2 oz. Kaluha

2 0z Irish Cream (I use St. Brennan’s.  It’s good at half the price of Bailey’s)

2 oz. Triple Sec

Mix with ice in a shaker and strain into a martini glass.

The shaking gives it a nice, frothy texture and the sweetness of the triple sec blends the Irish cream and Kaluha well.  It tastes like the old Valencia mocha Starbucks used to make with a kick.  At least that’s what my wife says.  Just think, if we had that vodka, my Onion Juice would never had made it.

Oh yeah, the name Onion Juice has meaning behind it.  My son asked what it was.  We told him onion juice.  Now, when ever he sees us drinking it, he screws up his face and says “I can’t believe you are drinking onion juice”.  The name stuck.


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